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We pride ourselves on our hard-won reputation, making our best efforts to provide you with the best possible service. Find out how we work and the steps we go through the ensure your vacation is personalised to your requirements

Start the Conversation

When we receive your first inquiry, we always try to call you. Long and hard-won experience has proven time and time again that a couple of phone calls (our dime, naturally) are worth 40 or 50 emails in terms of ascertaining your preferences. In other words, we establish what you want – and then we tell you what will work best.

Creating the Perfect Trip

There then follows a period of toing and froing while we fire the itinerary backwards and forwards and refine it until we have more or less aligned what you want and what is available at an acceptable price. Please note that, unlike many operators, we neither add our margin to gross rates nor do we add an unacceptably high percentage to nett rates. We pass on nett rates to you plus a small margin for the work we do on your behalf. That’s how we have built our reputation.

Securing the Service

When both parties are happy that we have reached an acceptable compromise, we ask you to send us a deposit, partly as a security and partly because we may have to pay a deposit to secure a service on your behalf. Thankfully, our hard-won and jealously-guarded reputation means that most of our suppliers all over Ireland know that our word is as good as our bond so deposits are few and far between. There are exceptions, of course. Old Head GC, for example, demand payment on booking and there’s nothing we can do about this.

Fully Itemised Itinerary

We then send you a fully itemised itinerary and invoice with the proviso that the Irish weather and consequent road conditions mean that we cannot absolutely guarantee that the itinerary will proceed exactly as planned. Thankfully, all our customers have been very flexible over the years, knowing that we always do our best – and often provide a little more than what it says on the itinerary – to make sure that you have a grand tour.  We ask you to pay 30 days before arrival so that we can prepay all our suppliers. This ensures that our clients receive good service.

Always Contactable

During your tour, we will always be at the end of a phone. In fact, if David is driving you, we will often give you a phone with his number pre-programmed so that you can reach him at all times.  Having been in operation for 23 years, we have contacts all over Ireland in case – God forbid – anything should go seriously wrong.  And of course, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.  We know that we’re only as good as our last tour – and that will never change.

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