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Lynchpin Tours est une agence de voyages irlandaise établie depuis 1997. Les directeurs, Lowell Courtney et David Hudson, ont passé les 23 dernières années à faire en sorte que leurs clients aient le meilleur des séjours en Irlande et c’est ce qu’ils veulent faire pour vous.

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Lynchpin n’est pas une autre grande agence de voyages laissant peu de choix aux clients en ce qui concerne leurs itinéraires, hébergements et activités ; non plus une agence tellement exclusive que seules les mégariches peuvent se permettre d’utiliser ses services.

Non! Lynchpin fournit un service où les clients peuvent avoir leur mot à dire dans la prise de décision; nous croyons à l’importance d’un échange personnalisé avec le client lors de la planification du voyage.

Avec nous, vous découvrirez la vraie Irlande et éviterez les pièges touristiques ; vous parcourrez des routes que les cars touristiques ne peuvent emprunter ; vous rencontrerez des gens qui incarnent le meilleur de l’Irlande.  

Lowell et David connaissent l’Irlande parce que c’est là qu’ils vivent ; ils connaissent ses routes car ils les parcourent régulièrement ; bref, ils connaissent l’Irlande profonde.

Vous ne trouverez cette connaissance de l’Irlande nulle part ailleurs. 

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Always Excellent Reviews

We have always had an excellent track record of customer satisfaction

Don Lee
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I wanted to write and let you know what a grand time the four of us (The Tourons (ask Roddy)) had and to especially thank you for arranging for Roddy to be our driver. Roddy was more of a friend I travel companion than a driver. He was fun, knowledgeable and apparently knew how to handle our personalities.

The true star of Ireland is it's people. We felt welcome everywhere. A close second was the scenery, outstanding! We are already talking about a return trip (don't tell Roddy, he may not be recovered from us yet!). I am not ashamed to say that we are all suffering from withdrawals missing the Irish Pubs! Again thank you for all of your assistance.
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Thanks so much for your hospitality last week. Jonny and I had a great time (I know Jonny has also been in touch, but just wanted to add a personal thank you for the book).

I think we learned more in 3 days than we could ever imagine and retaining that information is certainly a challenge, but we'll do our best. Both Northern Ireland and Donegal won us over and after hearing me wax lyrical, Vicky is keen to make the trip as soon as she can!

Thanks again for everything last week.
Tom Howley
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Thanks for checking in with us. Our overall trip experience was wonderful. We loved all the stops along the way and the hotels were a lot of fun. Sean did a fine job giving us Irish history and trivia along the route.

I must say that everyone truly had a great time and we an appreciated the hard work you put into our adventure. Thanks so much!
Colleen Russell
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We are safely back home from a truly marvellous tour. First time to Ireland, but will not be the last. We found the island very welcoming and easy to navigate, especially with the excellent Drive and guide, Mike Hogan.

Everything was as expected or better and all came home happy with the experience.

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